Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why does every student want to be an agent? Or General Manager?

Let's face it. Those of us in the "industry" know this is not a likely outcome, and yet, so many of my students are convinced this will be where they are working in a year or maybe 3. I hate to think I might be disillusioned before 40, and I certainly would never want to rain on any one's dreams. After all, I had mine too, and there were many memorable folks who helped me realize them, with some realistic modifications!

And that is what I try to do with students. Education is about creating opportunity and choices, no? Through awareness, understanding, empowerment, and the like. And so, I like to help students have those options, by pursuing dreams with absolute abandon, but being realistic and ready for any opportunity.

Personally, I have never worked for a professional sports team, but I have been "around" them my entire career, working as an editor for a few publications, a brand manager for a trading card manufacturer, and as a marketing consultant with sports agents and other companies in sports and recreation, in addition to owning two sports marketing firms. I always try to encourage my students to be versatile, thereby making themselves more marketable, so a new feature I plan to introduce here are going to be listings of jobs in sports, but outside the mainstream.


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