Thursday, May 23, 2013

Social Media No Longer an Option

With lots of transitions taking place, and some recent talk professionally, about not looking at the past, but only to the future, it seemed relevant to break and create a fresh start on the blog. So with that, and a recent class on social media and leadership, I have been thinking about a comment that I read, and what a powerful impact it had on me.

I know many people in various industries that are adamant about having NO attachment to social media.  They have seen and read the horror stories a la Anthony Weiner, and they want to stay as far away from the potential of anything remotely similar happening to them.  Understandable.

However, as we discussed in this recent class, in this time, with social media so prevalent, simply choosing not to engage in social media does not mean you are not there.  Whether an individual has an active presence in using twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., is no longer relevant.  Because leaders are already there, being spoken about by others, regardless of their decision to interact on any level.  

So I implore you, whether you think it is valuable, relevant, useful or not, to minimally become engaged as a listener.  Your reputation could depend on it.

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