Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Administrative Decision Making in Contemporary College Athletics

I had the great privilege to serve as a moderator last night at a symposium on the campus of Temple University concerning Administrative Decision Making in Contemporary College Athletics. Our four panelists, we are perfect compliment to each other, providing a diverse sampling of career path, stage in career, history and more. The guests were Mary DiStanislao from UPenn, Herman Frazier from Temple, Dr. Eric Zillmer from Drexel and Jeff Falardeau from Cabrini.

One of the challenges that can exist with such an endeavor is that one person can dominate, or another can fall through the cracks. Not the case here. It was a gracious group, with fantastic insight on advice for sports management students in the audience.

Dr. Zillmer is a extremely interesting individual, serving as a tenured professor in Drexel's psychology department, bringing a truly unique, yet practical perspective to the position.

Mary DiStanislao provided great commentary on the factors and emphasis that go into hiring a coach for a higher profile revenue sport, versus a less-visible one.

Jeff Falardeau, representing the NCAA D3 faction, gave a great balance to the Division I panelists, weighing in on topics that involved web presence, collegiate branding, something that Cabrini has only recently developed.

Herman Frazier of Temple provided thought-provoking insight to students on the perils of social media and being conscious of the "send" button when posting to blogs, twitter, facebook and the like.

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