Wednesday, March 11, 2009

San Francisco Giants Ticket Promotion

Aaron Crowe recently posted his opinion on the new ticket pricing strategy of the San Francisco Giants, which was brought to my attention by one of my astute graduate students. They are instituting variable ticket pricing, where costs will fluctuate based upon the opponent, pitching match up, and other factors that could impact the "perceived value" of the seats.

Only 2000 seats, some of the worst in the stadium, will be impacted by his new policy.

When discussed in an undergraduate sports marketing class, it was not difficult to see the negative impact for the Giants.

Initially, these are lousy seats, and the Giants are perceived to be milking an extra few bucks out of up to 2,000 fans for the chance to get to see Tim Lincecum with binoculars.

What happens when the "marquis" (and higher priced) pitching match up is scrapped minutes before game time due to an injury, or some other reason? What happens when the sunny Sunday afternoon game is now cloudy, and drizzly, but not postponed? This is San Francisco after all.

If you are forced, due to economic reasons, to sit in some of the worst seats in the stadium, shouldn't the Giants capitalize on a fan-friendly promotional opportunity, rather than a measly and blatantly profit-oriented one?

Where is Bill Veeck when you need him?!

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